Daniel 4-6

Daniel serves the kings.
The events of chapters 4-6 cover decades of time.  Three different kings and two different kingdoms are mentioned.  By the time we get to Daniel 6, Daniel is an old man.  Darius, king of the Persian Empire, has Daniel placed in a position of high authority.  Daniel is one of three who oversee the entire kingdom.  In 6:4, Daniel is described as a man who is always faithful, always responsible and completely trustworthy.  Daniel is a man full of integrity.  From a human standpoint not much more can be said about a person.  Daniel did not seek to go against edicts nor did he try to act superior to others.  But when it came to life, Daniel was focused on following God.  May we in our work be people full of integrity, always responsible, and completely trustworthy.  May we be people who can be counted on to do our job and to do it well.  May we focus on following God and being faithful to him.  May we seek to live peacefully with others while maintaining our integrity.