Daniel 7-9

Dreams and visions.
God revealed his plans to Daniel through dreams and visions.  On several occasions, Daniel saw symbolic representations about the future.  In all cases, he didn’t understand what he was seeing.  The dreams required explanation and the dreams troubled him.  In chapter 9 it is said that God looked on Daniel in a special way.  God wanted his plans to be known.  But some of the future was so fantastic it was difficult to imagine how things would happen.  Tiny and unknown peoples would become great nations.  Only God could see the future.  Daniel trusted that God would carry out his will and purpose.  God has assured us about the end.  There will be a day when Jesus will return with his mighty angels.  It will be a day of great triumph and joy for those who belong to him.  It will be a day when all will bow the knee to Jesus.  In the meantime, we walk in faith knowing that any day, even today, could be the day of our King’s return.  We treat every day with anticipation and expectation.  We conduct business knowing that Jesus could return.  We engage our families knowing that Jesus could return.  Each day is lived in faith and trust.  Like Daniel we live not understanding fully or knowing completely how the future will unfold, but trusting the God who has revealed to us what the future looks like.