Zechariah 1-7

Zechariah’s prophesies revealed that God was going to restore Jerusalem.  Notice chapter 7.  The people of Bethel have engaged an annual fast for the last 70 years in remembrance of the temple’s destruction.  They want to know how much longer should they continue this annual observance.  God’s words cut to the heart of the matter.  Was the fasting for themselves or for God?  How would they know?  God points out that the fast had no effect on how they treated people.  The poor, the widows, the orphans, and the foreigners were treated unjustly and yet the people cried out day after day for Jerusalem’s restoration.  Attending a worship assembly on Sunday, eating the Lord’s Supper, praying for deliverance are meaningful if these things effect change.  If we are more patient, treat others with justice, give to the poor, find ways to encourage, and develop attitudes that reveal confidence in God’s promises, then our time with God on a Sunday is meaningful.  Otherwise, the events of a Sunday make us feel better but they are not to engage God.  May our hearts be turned toward God and others.