Zechariah 8-14

God’s Desire.
God wants a new Jerusalem.  He wants a place where all the nations can worship.  He wants Jerusalem to be a place of peace and blessing.  He sees the city being a place of refuge for the weak and the poor.  He envisions the city as the source of light and a place of unity.  God’s desire is for Jerusalem to be the springboard of all these things.  In chapter 9 he speaks of the king who will come.  The king who will ride a donkey’s colt.  This king is humble.  This king rules through kindness and mercy.  This king brings peace.  This king is Jesus.  The message of peace and unity among the nations was heralded from Jerusalem.  The reality of taking care of the weak and poor was seen in Jerusalem and that reality was carried away from the city to other nations.  God’s desire is still for his people to speak words of peace, care, unity, and humility.  Our king still lives and rules.  We share his message with others.  We point others to our king so that he is exalted.  We live in humility seeking peace with all.  God’s desire lives through us.