Esther 1-5

Queen for a reason.
The quote found in 4:14 has often been used to highlight our purpose in this world.  God set Esther as queen years before she was needed, but her presence and actions are needed during a time of testing.  The name of God is never mentioned in the writing.  He is the silent yet powerful worker in the background.  Esther seems to be a pawn.  She is taken into the king’s harem.  She follows the guiding wisdom of her cousin and the eunuch in charge of her.  She seems powerless; yet, when the time comes, we see that she is a woman of great courage.  As Christians we believe that circumstances are not coincidental.  God is silently working in the background to provide opportunities for our faith to be revealed.  Like Esther, we may be afraid.  Courage is not the lack of fear but the faith to act even though we are afraid.  While our actions may not save an entire race of people, we understand that we have a purpose and reason for such a time as this.