Nehemiah 11-13 and Psalm 126

Jerusalem resettled.
The fervor for following God soon gave way to being casual about following God.  Eliashib allows a temple storeroom to be used by another for personal storage.  Levites were left out of the food distribution.  They had to leave their work at the temple and return to the fields to provide for their families.  The Sabbath became a day of business especially with those who were not Jewish.  The people became casual about marriage.  How do we maintain our fervor for following God?  Promises made are not easily kept.  We are often distracted.  We meant the promise but with the passage of time the intensity of conviction wanes.  We have to be intentional about following God; otherwise, the distractions win out.  Bible reading and prayer help us in keeping the promises.  At some point each day, express your thanks and praise to the God who is our Father.  Renew your promise each day to honor Him.