Matthew 1 and Luke 2:1-38

Jesus’ birth.
Jesus’ birth was a miracle.  A virgin conceived.  Unexplainable in human terms.  God’s favor on display from the spiritual realm.  Mary is certain.  Joseph has to be persuaded.  Shepherds require an angelic demonstration.  Two prophets speak so that Mary and Joseph understand the significance of this baby.  Luke tells us (2:33) that Mary and Joseph are amazed at the prophetic words.  From the beginning, the writers allow us to see reactions to Jesus.  He is a baby but he is the Messiah.  The shepherds tell what they saw.  Simeon and Anna speak to others who were waiting for the Messiah.  The news about Jesus would have spread throughout the region.  Like these of old, our reaction to Jesus as the Messiah is on display.  Those who saw the baby could not remain silent.  What about us?