Luke 1 and John 1:1-14

God’s miraculous births.
She and her husband are old.  They are long past the days of having children.  Like Abraham and Sarah, the hope of children has long faded.  They honor each other but the dreams they had of raising children died with the advancing years.  She isn’t married.  She is a young girl with the dreams of marriage and children in front of her.  She anticipates a wedding soon.  She is a virgin awaiting her groom.  God restores a dream for one and alters the dream for the other.  Only God can give a post-menopausal woman a baby and only God can create a baby inside a woman who has never been with a man.  Through God’s power and might, John and Jesus are born.  The same God who miraculously brought two babies into this world is the same God who can give power and strength to our dreams.  God is the giver of life.  Our shattered dreams can be given new life through the power and strength of God.  Unimagined dreams can be birthed through the power of God.  God acts in our world and we are thankful to be his instruments.