Matthew 2 and Luke 2:39-52

Obedient submission.

We know very little about Jesus and the early years.  As a baby (up to 2 years old), wise men came to worship him and Herod tried to kill him.  Up to age 12, he accompanied his parents to Jerusalem for annual celebrations and observances.  Jesus was obedient as a child, but he also aligned himself with God early in life.  Sitting in the temple listening and asking questions of the religious leaders demonstrated his allegiance and understanding.  His desire to honor God was seen early in his life.  But he also knew something about submission.  Obedient submission is difficult not only for children but for adults as well.  But like Jesus we have to learn that there are times that we submit to another.  It is true in marriage; it is true at work; it is true about God.  Let’s listen, ask questions, and make sure that our desire to honor God is obvious.