Matthew 3, Mark 1, and Luke 3

Early days.

John begins preaching repentance as the chosen one of God comes near.  John’s fiery sermons demands change and the people respond.  Jesus comes on the scene with a baptismal announcement and tries to quietly initiate his ministry.  But those he heals and the places where he heals escalate his prominence in the towns.  Jesus is so well known that he must live in remote places in order to avoid the crowds.  Doesn’t he want the crowds?  Doesn’t he want people to know who he is?  Yes, but what he wants is to share God’s message.  The crowds want miracles.  What does God want from us?  Faith.  Trust.  Confidence.  What do we want from God?  Comfort.  Ease. Predictability.  When our wants are different from God’s wants, we may inhibit God’s work.  Let’s give our lives to God and trust Him to use us for his glory.