John 5

Jesus mentions in this text four witnesses that verify that he is sent from God.  The first witness is John the Baptist.  Religious leaders initially accepted John but later in their rejection they demonstrated their lack of faith.  Jesus’ teachings serve as the second witness.  These, too, the religious leaders reject.  The miracles serve as the third witness.  The lame man walking isn’t sufficient proof that Jesus is sent from God.  In fact, the religious leaders discuss violation of the law rather than acknowledge the healing.  Jesus mentions a fourth witness in verse 39 — the scriptures.  The religious leaders reject these witnesses because they do not have the heart of God.  If four witnesses are not enough to convince someone about Jesus then perhaps the problem isn’t in trying to provide more proof.  The real problem is that a person’s heart isn’t interested.  A heart seeking truth will find it.  A heart that is set will reject the testimony of witnesses about Jesus.  Let’s make sure that our hearts are open and seeking.