Matthew 11

Jesus offers to make an exchange.  He will take our burden and give us his.  At first, that doesn’t sound very compelling.  But Jesus assures us that his burden is light compared to the one that we carry.  Some have read the end of Matthew 11 and assumed that coming to Jesus means that we have no burden at all, but read the text carefully.  Jesus offers to teach us because he is humble and gentle.  What are these burdens?  Our burden is to live under the pressure of perfectionism or the pressure from others to be right.  Jesus’ burden is to live with confidence and assurance.  Those who believe in their own wisdom miss out; those who are childlike receive.  The heavy burden it trying to live life through one’s own wits and insights.  The light burden is to see Jesus and trust Him.  The heavy burden means one is alone in this world.  The light burden means we have Christ with his power and strength walking with us.  Jesus offers to exchange burdens.  Not a bad offer really.