Open Invitation

This is Jack Redden’s invitation to his Special Class that meets at 5:00 on Sundays.


My name is Jack Redden.  Myself and John Goodfred will be your facilitators in this class.  You will be the teachers and students.

Our purpose is to hunt out the source of truth in religion.

I point that out to emphasize we are not the answer men.  We will take written questions and ask for volunteers to hunt the answer to the question(s).  This congregation is blessed with one professor at the U of Memphis, two from Freed Hardeman University and one professor from the Harding Graduate School of Religion.  Your facilitators will handle some of the questions and lead the discussions in which the class engages.

So we will start by reading in the first book of the bible, Genesis.  The story of the creation as found in chapter 1 of that book.

As we study the selected books we will always ask ourselves the reason the letter (book) was written, to whom was it written and why was it written.  The reading will be the basis for investigation and the source of your questions.

A little background for the the reason for the class in the first place.  I spent 30 years as a catholic.  My university experiences at Drake University lit up my curiosity as to the possibility that the Catholic approach to the subject was not satisfying to me.  Simply put, I wanted religion to be a lot more unstructured and totally void of organizational connections and responsibilities.  I did not want to share the TRUTH with the church’s traditions.

I became curious as to the possibility, or not, as to the existence of truth in religion.

The people that helped me settle the matter did so with great care and love.  We want to extend to you this class period to let your curiosity steer you to questions that you need answers to so that you and your family can lead a more balanced life in the arena of your religious experiences.

Truly the family that spends time together at the level of religious experiences enjoys life more and are together more completely.  You will even find your work experiences to be enhanced.

We will meet each Sunday at 5 p.m. for 50 minutes.  Following that your are invited to the 6 p.m. worship service.  Hopefully your family will be there and you are able to experience the worship hour as a family.

Jack Redden and John Goodfred