Matthew 13 and Luke 8

Jesus often told stories to make his points.  The stories took everyday events to illustrate spiritual truths.  Many didn’t understand the stories and in some cases the stories confused.  Jesus acknowledges that the stories have two purposes.  For some they illuminate and for others they confuse.  For those who are seeking the kingdom the stories provide a glimpse into God’s purpose.  In some cases the stories have to be explained in order for us to receive the fuller understanding.  For those who are not seeking God’s kingdom, the stories are not easily understood; in fact, the stories baffle many.  Jesus says this was the intent of God.  He quotes Isaiah 6:9 as proof that these stories are to be eye opening for some and confusing for others.  The story is really about the heart.  Only those who really seek God’s ways understand.  Those whose hearts are hardened find the story to be purposeless.  They mystery is not in the story; the mystery of the heart is revealed in the story.  Let’s be seekers of God’s way.