Matthew 8:14-34 and Mark 4-5

Faith and peace.
She had exhausted all resources.  She had spent her life savings talking to doctors.  None had helped her.  She had suffered for 12 years.  Nothing was working.  Jesus was in the area.  If I can just touch him she thought.  She had heard of Jesus.  She had heard of his healing abilities.  She must have believed that he could heal her.  She also believed he could heal her without talking to her, touching her, or knowing about her.  Her faith was driving her to push through the crowds to touch Jesus.  But Jesus knew.  As soon as she touched him, he felt the power leave him.  Hundreds surrounded him.  Lots of people were touching him but she was the only one touching him to be healed.  He knew it and she soon discovered that faith brought peace.  Faith brings peace.  The events of life upset, confuse, and shake us.  We respond emotionally.  This is the way God made us.  But our faith results in peace.  Peace does not mean the absence of emotion but the it does mean that the relationship between us and God is intact.  Circumstances do not determine peace; our faith does.