Matthew 9-10


The end of Matthew 10 is probably a combination of instructions given to the disciples the first time they are sent out and subsequent instructions when Jesus would no longer be with them (see verse 20).  The point of the instructions is to encourage and warn.  These disciples were God’s instruments.  They were speaking for God.  This was encouraging.  However, life was going to become difficult for them as they carried out their mission.  Those who opposed them would speak and act with hatred toward them and their message.  Life was not going to be easy.  As it was then so it is now.  Do not be surprised when your faith results in hatred from others.  Do not be discouraged because someone ridicules your faith.  Jesus experienced such hatred.  We are not greater than our master.  It is a privilege and an honor to follow Jesus.  We do not seek a life of ease but pray for courage when our faith is tested.  We have been warned.