Matthew 16; Mark 8 and Luke 9:18-27

Winning and Losing.
We love to win.  We may follow certain teams and enjoy their victories.  We win in business through securing the deal or getting a promotion.  We may win on a family game night.  Songs have been written about winners and losers.  Jesus knows how this world works.  Winning matters.  Jesus says if we want to win then we must lose.  If we want to be first, then we must be last.  We can win in this world and lose our spiritual lives.  We can take the path that is easiest and identify with this world or we can confess Christ knowing that a cross may be ours.  This world focuses on winning.  Jesus says that there is another world and its focus is different.  Jesus encourages us to live life thinking about this other world.  When we do, we win in ways that this world cannot appreciate.