Matthew 18

God is merciful.  The story at the end of our reading reflects the mercy of God and the intent is that we are to extend this same mercy to others.  The issue for many of us to recognize the fullness of God’s mercy to us.  The more we recognize how merciful God has been toward us the more we are able to extend that same mercy to others.  To appreciate God’s mercy means that we have to remember the depth of God’s forgiveness, patience, and love as He dealt with our sin.  It means that we have to willingly admit that our sin was so severe that without God’s mercy we would have been lost forever.  When we remember and confess, then we are able to extend God’s mercy.  So let’s pay close attention to how we treat others. Are we quick to forgive?  Are we patient with others?  Are we loving recognizing that we have sin in our life as well?  Allow God’s mercy to flow through you.