Luke 14-15

A party.
God loves a party.  We cannot read these two chapters without noticing how often Jesus was invited to a dinner party or told stories that involved good food and good company.  Some criticized Jesus for enjoying himself with sinners.  Some criticized him because he ate and drank too much (previous reading).  The criticism didn’t stop Jesus from enjoying a party.  Read again Luke 15:10.  Jesus says there is rejoicing in front of the angels when one sinner repents.  Who is doing the rejoicing?  God gets excited when a person repents.  God celebrates when a sinner returns home or when the person who was lost is found.  The fullness of God’s character includes joy, smiling, and celebrating.  How does God express his delight when his son returns home (15:11-32).  He throws a party with lots of good food and celebrating.  The older brother thought this was too indulgent.  He pridefully refused to celebrate with someone forgiven.  His brother needed to be punished.  Some folks refuse to celebrate.  That’s too bad because God loves a party.