John 11

Caiaphas was high priest.  Jesus’ influence was strong and consistent.  The leaders feared that Jesus was going to lead an insurrection against Rome.  They feared that Rome would bring an army against Jerusalem.  What they most feared was losing their positions.  Jesus must be killed.  It’s hard to imagine religious leaders speaking those words.  Caiaphas prophesies, but he doesn’t know it.  “Jesus must die for the nation rather than the whole nation be destroyed.”  Little did Caiaphas know that Jesus’ death would be for the entire nation and all nations.  Caiaphas had in mind stopping an insurrectionist.  God had in mind saving a world.  Caiaphas thought short term.  God thought long term.  We, like Caiaphas, may think short term but God is working for the long term.  What we are limited in seeing and understanding, God is able to take and reveal his will.  Like Caiaphas our vision may be obscured by our circumstance, but God is greater than any situation.  Let’s trust him to take our immediate decisions and turn them into something beautiful.