Luke 17:11-18:14


7 words in the NIV.  6 words in Greek.  11 words in the NLT.  Short but profound.  “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner.”  A simple prayer filled with understanding and insight.  A simple prayer offered by a man despised by the more pious.  A simple prayer expressing humility, regret, and recognition.  A simple prayer through which Jesus says he was justified.  God no longer saw him as a sinner but as clean.  A simple prayer that captures the beauty of our relationship with God.  We are sinners; he is not.  We are needy; he has what we need.  We are less; he is more.  A simple prayer that can be prayed anytime and anywhere.  A few words that speaks volumes and that reminds us that we are completely dependent on God.  Start with these words today.  Let’s look at our world with these words in mind.