Mark 13


Jesus describes the events leading up to the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem.  There will be definite signs, but the signs are not definitive until it is too late.  Those who are alert will see the signs of the coming destruction.  They will flee Jerusalem before the Roman army arrives.  Those who remain convinced that no one will destroy them, will find themselves destroyed.  Many have come to this passage to argue that this chapter is about the end of the world.  It isn’t.  But it does give us pause to recognize that remaining alert is imperative.  We must remain alert about our Lord’s return.  While others look for signs, we instead remain alert knowing that when he does return it will be sudden and without prior warning.  So we live every day waiting for Jesus.  We live every day knowing that he will return.  Such anticipation changes the way we think about life; the decisions we make; and the attitude we have about this world.  Jesus will return one day.  It may be today.