Matthew 26 and Mark 14

Standing alone.
Once Jesus is arrested, things move quickly.  The rounding up of witnesses.  A night time trial.  A quick verdict.  Peter’s denials.  A rooster crows.  Jesus stands alone.  48 hours prior, Jesus was having dinner with friends and being prepared for burial.  A few hours earlier Jesus was sharing the Passover meal with his disciples.  Everything unraveled very quickly.  Actually it was going according to plan.  While everyone else was scattering, Jesus was living out the divine plan to become the Passover lamb for all.  He stood alone because he had to stand alone.  Jesus shows us how to live.  He shows us what it means to be committed to the plan of God so that betrayal and isolation cannot stop it.  We are part of God’s plan in this world.  We know that God’s plan includes Jesus returning to claim us.  We know that faithfulness to being a part of that plan is our joy and hope.  There may be days that we have to stand alone with God during times of testing.  But like Jesus we are committed to seeing God’s plan fulfilled.