Luke 24 and John 20-21.

Everyone of them doubted.  From the time the women told the story of the angels and seeing the empty tomb, every disciple doubted the resurrection.  They had seen him die.  How could he possibly be alive?  One by one they believed because they saw Jesus.  John tells us that Thomas was the last one.  He not only had to see Jesus but he had to touch him before he would believe that he was alive.  Thomas’ cry of faith has served to be the statement of belief for many disciples over the centuries — My Lord and my God!   Jesus said that those who believe without seeing him receive God’s favor.  Each Sunday we gather to proclaim once more that Jesus is our Lord and our God. We gather to declare that we believe.  Our faith is not blind.  We have heard the testimony of those who saw Jesus.  We have seen how each one exchanged a life of relative ease to preach and teach about the Jesus who was raised from the dead.  We believe.  Jesus is our Lord and our God.