Acts 1-3

New Beginning.
120 believers.  Praying.  Waiting.  Uncertain what the next step will be.  Then God intervenes and the 120 becomes more than 3000.  What words could be used to describe this new group?  The Bible tells us that they were filled with awe and wonder.  They knew that God was doing something.  They could not boast about what was happening.  They were servants of the most high God.  They kept pointing to one truth — the empty tomb.  Peter referred to the empty tomb in each of the two sermons recorded.  Two thousand years have passed but the message has not changed.  We point to Jesus and the empty tomb as the basis of faith and response.  We speak of the risen Savior and help people to see the empty tomb.  We call on people to respond to Jesus and not the beauty of our words.  Live today in light of the risen One.  May Jesus be the center of our lives.