Acts 7-8


It didn’t take long.  Those who opposed the gospel message became aggressive in trying to silence the first disciples.  After Stephen’s death it didn’t take long for the opposition to seek others to kill or imprison.  People scattered.  It would have been at best a challenging time.  But what was intended to squash a movement actually spread it.  Disciples scattered.  They do not lick their wounds but instead kept talking about the risen Savior and people converted.  Philip goes to Samaria and then proclaims the gospel to a man who will carry it to Ethiopia.  The message is spreading and as the message spreads the movement becomes more entrenched.  The beauty of the text reminds us that the message is bigger than we are.  Opposition may come.  Some may try to silence us, but the risen Savior still exists.  We remain faithful in sharing what we know is true.  The truth remains.