Acts 9-10

Cornelius knew war, but he also knew something about kindness.  In his role as centurion he had demonstrated great bravery in combat.  He knew something about courage and command.  He also knew about faith.  As a believer in God, he shared with the poor and tried to treat others well.  A strong leader, Cornelius seeks God’s way as he leads a contingent of men.  God intervenes.  God directs the process of getting Peter and Cornelius together.  Cornelius is ready to hear whatever Peter has to say.  Peter is reluctant to share.  Cornelius will respond.  Peter is uncertain that sharing will make much difference.  There are times that we think no one will listen to the story of Jesus.  We decide based on what we see and think that certain people would not respond to the gospel message.  God set up the meeting, but Peter had to speak.  God opened Cornelius’ heart, but he still needed someone to teach him.  There are people in our lives who are waiting to hear God’s message.  God has brought us to them.  We must boldly speak.  The least obvious may be the very one who will listen.