Acts 11-12


Politicians following poll numbers is not new.  King Herod kills James and the poll numbers came back that the people of Jerusalem were pleased with the way he was handling this new movement.  If one death is good, then two will be better.  Peter was the linchpin.  Take out Peter and the entire movement would fall.  The movement is bigger than Peter.  Already we read of congregations in Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch of Syria.  God’s kingdom is spreading.  God had other plans for Peter and set him free, but the gospel message was moving away from Jerusalem.  The Gentiles were hearing the message and responding to Jesus.  The kingdom of God is bigger than anyone.  While there are people of influence in any congregation, the gospel is bigger than a person.  The kingdom cannot be stopped.  Wherever we go, we take the gospel with us.  Our ministry is to reveal Jesus.  Poll numbers are for politicians.  We remain faithful to our mission and ministry.