Galatians 1-3


There is one gospel story. Jesus lived out the gospel. The disciples told the gospel story after Jesus’ ascension. The story has never changed. For 2000 years the story has remained the same. We are sinners. We need a Savior. God through Jesus has allowed us to be in relationship with him. When we place our faith in the work of Jesus, God declares to be his children. With our imitation of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection in baptism, we are clothed with Christ. It didn’t take long for people to try to change the story. Some in Paul’s day tried to say that there was more to the story. They claimed that Jewish practice had to be included in the story. Paul knew to add to or to try to change the story was the same thing as saying that Jesus was insufficient to complete the story. Paul writes this letter to disciples who were foolishly accepting false teaching about the story. Let’s remember the story. Let’s live the story. Let’s keep the story simple and direct. There is nothing that needs to be added to the story.