1 Corinthians 9-11

Paul had rights as an apostle and a follower of Jesus.  He had the right to receive payment for preaching.  Like the farmer who receives food from his labor, Paul had the right to expect financial support from his work.  However, Paul discounted that right.  We know other congregations supported him (Philippians 4:15-17), but when Paul was in Corinth he labored without receiving pay.  Why?  So that the gospel and financial gain would not be synonymous.  The greater principle is found in how we treat others.  Do we use others for our own benefit?  Do we see others as a means to get what we want?  Just like Jesus, we would rather do without so that others can benefit.  Our desire is for Christ to be seen through us and in us.  As God’s followers we are thinking constantly about what God wants rather than discovering ways to please ourselves.  We want others to see lives that are full of integrity and selflessness so that the gospel can be heard.