Romans 11-13

As believers we are respectful of government.  Paul knew something about government officials making it hard on him.  At its worst, government officials beat him or imprisoned him.  Yet he still speaks of the importance of remembering that God is the one who puts government in place.  Officials are doing their jobs to create a less chaotic world.  They are present to punish the wicked and to encourage the good.  Our taxes and fees are part of our support for God’s appointed government leaders.  Elections of officials did not exist in Paul’s day. Whether one chooses to participate in the election process or not, respect for government remains.  We speak with respect when we disagree.  We do not deride and invoke curses on government leaders.  Of all people we recognize that government exists through God’s desire and will.  We may disagree with our government leaders but we will speak respectfully.  This is God’s will for us.