Acts 20:4-23:35

Free one moment and in prison the next.  Paul tried to do God’s will.  The result?  Condemnation from both Jews and Gentiles alike.  Paul knew for his first encounter with God that his life was to be filled with suffering.  He knew that preaching and teaching would result in the kingdom of God spreading but he also knew that along with that would come great pain.  Yet he went forward aware that there would be times of suffering.  How did he do that?  Faith.  Determination.  Belief that the gospel was more important than his comfort.  While we do not suffer as Paul did, we, too, recognize that walking with God requires faith, determination, and a belief that who He is is far more important than who we are.  Do not be surprised by suffering.  Do not be surprised when our attempt to honor God in this world demands more of us than we think we can give.  Keep moving forward.  Do not blame God or give up.  Recognize that through times of testing we grow and mature spiritually.  This is what we desire.