Romans 14-16

At the end of Romans is a long list of names.  Most of these names are obscure and unknown to us.  While Paul has never been to Rome, he knew a lot of people in that region.  He fully expected those that he knew to vouch for him as a faithful teacher for God.  But there are some names that are interesting.  Tertius and Quartus means “third” and “fourth” respectively and were at one time likely slaves.  According to tradition, they became important leaders in God’s work during the days of Paul.  The name that is particularly interesting is Erastus called the City Director of Public Works.  The name of Erastus has been found in an inscription in the ancient city of Corinth with a title that coincides with our English translation.  The gospel brings together the highest of the high and the lowest of the low.  The gospel is able to cross all boundaries.  It unites under one name, Jesus who is Lord and Christ.  Only God could have conceived of a plan that would bring rich, poor, powerful and powerless together to unite our hearts in Him.  How thankful we are for God’s plan through Christ our Lord.