A New Kingdom.
We belong to a new kingdom. Our King is Jesus.  It is comprised of those who by faith in Jesus have been brought into unity.  We have a common inheritance.  Our sins have been forgiven.  We all share in the same Holy Spirit.  There is no rivalry.  Our focus is on Jesus and what he wants rather than what we want.  God is the one who brings us together and our lives honor Him.  Our joy is to live in full light revealing the goodness of God.  We serve others rather than seeking to be served.  We treat each other with respect and seek what is best for others.  We defend our kingdom.  We are at war.  Our fight isn’t against human beings but against unseen forces of evil.  We know that evil wants to destroy this kingdom and so we fight each day with faith and the word of God.  We do not run from the fight, but we stand fully armed and protected ready to defend the kingdom.  We pray constantly because we know that it is through prayer that we receive God’s strength each day.  We belong to a new kingdom.  Our kingdom is not of this world but it is a kingdom found in heaven.  May God’s grace be eternally ours who love the Lord Jesus Christ.