Hebrews 1-6

Jesus is Greater.

The writer is encouraging Jewish readers to remain faithful to Jesus.  The readers have experienced some trying and challenging times.  Life would be easier if they returned to their Jewish practice rather than continuing to follow Jesus.  The writer demonstrates that Jesus is far greater than anything that the Law has to offer.  Trying and challenging times come for all of us.  None of us like them nor actively seek them.  Sometimes the thought may come to us that things would be easier if we didn’t follow Jesus.  Take away Jesus and what is left?  Imagine what life would be like without following Jesus.  Would we have more money to spend?  Would we have more time? Would we have fewer demands?  What do we believe is greater than Jesus?  There are times when it seems that our faith gets in the way of a life of comfort and ease.  We don’t like the challenges and suffering.  Jesus experienced the same thing and yet remained completely faithful.  He demonstrated for us that life lived in obedience to God is far better than being away from Him.  Our faith leads to times of suffering but it is our faith that sustains us during those times. Following Jesus is not easy, but he is far greater than anything this world has to offer.