2 Timothy

Finishing well.
This is Paul’s last letter.  Paul encourages Timothy to complete his tasks with confidence and boldness.  While there are several encouraging texts in this letter, the one that expresses Paul’s point well is found in 4:6-8.  Knowing that his life was coming to an end, Paul uses a metaphor of completing a race to illustrate the victory that was his.  Paul is confident that the victor’s crown was waiting for him but this same crown would be given to all who completed the race.  Notice the end of verse 8.  This crown will be given to all who long for or eagerly look forward to the appearing of Jesus.  There are many things that we anticipate.  Today lots of children are anticipating Christmas.  Some are anticipating having a few days off.  Families anticipate the return of sons and daughters who serve in the military.  To look forward to the return of Jesus means that we want Him to return.  Anticipating his return means that we remain ready.  We do not get distracted or lose our focus.  Life is lived with his return in mind.  Let’s run our race well.  Let’s persevere to the end.  Let’s keep our eyes focused on Jesus.