2 Peter and Jude

There will always be those who do not believe in Jesus.  Those who believe in Jesus, his life, and his saving actions will always be open to ridicule from those who do not believe.  In our culture, there are those who question Jesus’ existence.  There are those who believe Jesus existed but who do not believe in the resurrection.  There are those who think Jesus to be a prophet similar to other prophets.  These are mild in comparison to those who poke fun at God and those who are foolish enough to believe in God.  As believers we defend our faith as best as we can remembering that faith finds its fullest depth trusting in things that cannot be seen.  But we also remember that God’s patience is to give everyone an opportunity to repent.  We want that too.  So while we may find ourselves uncomfortable even angry because there are those who ridicule us and our faith, we wait patiently knowing that God will eventually bring destruction and judgment.  We want all to know God.  While we wait, we pray.  There will always be scoffers because there will always be believers of God’s word and actions through Jesus. Remain faithful.