2 & 3 John

In the latter part of the 1st century, preachers and teachers depended on the generosity of fellow Christians to survive financially and physically.  Believers provided food, lodging, and money for these teachers as they traveled from place to place.  2 John warns against supporting false teachers and 3 John endorses supporting true teachers even though there is opposition.  John reminds his readers that these teachers need encouragement to continue the work of preaching and teaching.  John’s letters are to encourage the readers who in turn will encourage the teachers.  This is the nature of encouragement.  It is passed on.  Encouragement results in new found strength and confidence.  Because of our love for one another, our words and actions need to build up not tear down.  When we build each other up, then we foster a desire to continue in our work and ministry.  While some have the special gift of encouraging (Romans 12:8), all of us have the ability to speak words and to engage in actions that support confidence.  Let’s be encouragers.