Revelation 6-11

Seven seals leads to seven trumpets.  Two out of three woes occur.  Angels are released and they act.  Two witnesses die and are resurrected.  Lots of activity and events.  There is a common thread through this section.  Those who love God plead for God to judge the evil in the world.  The dead saints in 6:10 beg for God to judge and they are told to be patient.  At the end of chapter 7, white robed saints are before God’s throne praising him as he begins to judge (are these the same white robed saints in chapter 6?).  At the end of chapter 11, praise is given to God for judging the dead and the living.  Among the truths of this writing is the one that speaks about judgment.  A day will come when all will stand before God.  Patience is expected until that time and confidence is needed as we wait.  Catastrophes may come.  Death and destruction may be the outcome of evil, but a time for God to judge the world will come.  As we wait we keep our hearts open to praise for God is worthy.  We also are aware that the evil in this world drives us toward God.  We want him to act.  We grow weary of evil’s victory.  We may become discouraged.  This speaks of our hearts desire to be with God and know that a better place is waiting.