Revelation 12-18

God’s Wrath.
Throughout this section, we are told that eventually God’s wrath is exerted.  There are times for evil to win, but then God steps in and punishes.  His punishment is severe and final.  Evil is destroyed.  As believers we long for evil to be destroyed.  We anticipate a time when God reveals himself fully and completely.  We want to be vindicated. There is a warning for believers in this section.  Our allegiance to the Lamb must be obvious.  To join with evil is to deny one’s faith.  We cannot drink of living water and stagnant water at the same time.  Our attitudes and actions in opposition to evil must be consistent.  The more we align with this world, the more we pull away from the Lamb.  The warning — we too will receive God’s wrath because of our alliance with the world.  We are in the world but we must not allow the world to be in us.  We are citizens of the kingdom of God.  As citizens we long for God to be seen through us.  We patiently endure and remain faithful to our King.