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  • Testudo of Faith

    By Paul Goddard Centuries before armored personnel carriers were invented to transport troops, the testudo military formation was used by the Romans to deploy soldiers into battle.  The word testudo […]

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

    By Mike Benson Joel Neal Pinion, my old gardening buddy over in White, Georgia, used to laugh and say, “Mike,  growing a garden isn’t just about pulling weeds.”  His humor […]

  • What We Want and What We Need

    By Stan Mitchell Black smoke poured out of the upstairs bedroom window, and Sam could smell the acrid combination of a home burning – melting plastic, carpeting, electrical wiring, all […]

  • Hear the Voice?

    by Paul Goddard “The shepherd always tires to persuade the sheep that their interest, and his own, are the same.” — Henri-Marie Beyle Read the entire article at this link: […]

  • Save Your Strength

    by Barbara Oliver (June 15, 2006) My dad fought in World War II.  He never talked about it. Read more here: http//www.forthright.net/olivers_twist/save_your_strength.html

  • Fixing the Living Room

    By J. Randal Matheny The cards I like best are from kids.  Sometimes Bible school teachers have their students write the missionary.  The poor kids don’t know us from Adam, […]

  • Equality

    By Michael E. Brooks 2008 in Nepal was a year of shortages and insufficiency.  Taxi drivers told of waiting in petrol lines for 24 to 48 hours and then receiving […]

  • Life on Earth

    “It’s not our job to question what He’s doing with our lives.  He has purpose for it, and we just have to trust Him and know that His plan is […]

  • In the Dirt

    “The Bible can stand for itself.”–  William F. Albright From Austen Henry Layard’s discovery of the winged bulls of Assyria, to the Ben HaCohen HaGadol inscription found recently in Jerusalem, […]