6 Ivan & Lena Voser – Thun, Switzerland


The Voser Family: Ivan, Lena, Ilja, Julia (Dec '11)
The Voser Family: Ivan, Lena, Ilja, Julia (Dec ’11)

Ivan Voser was born in Switzerland and has always had a desire to be involved in full time ministry there. For this purpose he studied at Oklahoma Christian University and the Harding Graduate School before returning to Thun, Switzerland, to work in 2002.

Ivan’s parents began the church in Thun in 1975. The congregation invited Ivan to return as their minister. He returned after graduating in 2001. The Park Avenue church of Christ in Memphis is his overseeing and supporting congregation.

Ivan and Lena Voser
Ziegeleistrasse 34a
3612 Steffisburg Switzerland


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