Basel Church Timeline


  • February 1963: work begun by Bob Wilkerson
  • September 1, 1963: church begins to meet
  • 1964: Bob Wilkerson suddenly sent to Munich by his elders to deal with situation there; Jerry Earnhart (Bern) and Clyde Antwine (Zurich) take turns ministering to the new congregation which continues until 1966


  • 1967: Charles and Barbara Stelding come to Basel to work with church
  • May 26-29, 1968: Gottfried Reichel holds meeting
  • June 24-26, 1968: Hans Grimm from Biel holds meeting
  • November 1969: Bob Wilkerson returns to states; Charles Stelding continues
  • March 9-13, 1970: Richard Walker of Austria holds meeting
  • 1970: Stelding family takes furlough to states, returns under the oversight of the Trinity Heights church in Dallas, Texas


  • January 18-22, 1971: Jerry Earnhart (Bern) holds meeting
  • May-June 1971: church finds a new meeting place near the new opera house in the center of town
  • July-August 1971: church begins publishing a four page newsletter sent to contacts and friends interested in Christianity
  • 1973: by this year the Stelding return to the states to study at Abilene Christian College


  • 1977: church meets for the last time


  • Early 1980’s: Daniel Steinhauer and family move to Florence, Alabama, to study at the International Bible College
  • February 1984: Daniel Steinhauer and family return to Switzerland to work in Basel
  • March 12, 1984: the church resumes meeting with the Steinhauers overseen by the Tuscumbia church in Tuscumbia, Alabama
  • June 16-August 11, 1984: summer campaign with group from Alabama living with host families in the city; three are baptized
  • 1985: purchased a meeting place with a loan from a member; located near Rhine River; seven added to the church
  • Summer 1985: two week campaign with Harding University students led by Jack McKinney who did the preaching
  • November 2, 1985: Larry and Pam Sullivan move to Basel supported by the Cuba Avenue church in Alamagorda, New Mexico


  • 1986: Larry and Pam Sullivan get a one year visa to stay in Switzerland
  • 1987: Steinhauers move to a city between Basel and Wehr, West Germany, to work with both churches
  • 1988: instability of the dollar causes the Steinhauers to move to a less expensive house closer to Basel
  • June 1990: Clyde Antwine teaches a class on church history for two weeks





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  • February 1984: