Zurich Church Timeline


  • Missionaries going to Germany wait in Zurich for permissions to enter Germany
  • Sunday assemblies are held with 20-30 American and Swiss attending
  • Five or six were baptized, among them were Heinrich and Kurt Blum, twin brothers, baptized by Weldon Bennett and taught further by Russell Artis
  • The last assembly in Zurich was in 1949


  • In 1954-55 while studying at Abilene Christian College, the Blum brothers persuade Jack and Joanne McKinney to return with them to Zurich
  • The Trinity Heights church in Dallas support the Blum brothers as well as oversee their work
  • The McKinney’s were supported by the Graham Street church in Abilene, Texas
  • July 1, 1955 the McKinney’s sail for Germany to await permission to enter Switzerland
  • November 1955 Heinrich Blum returns to Zurich


  • February 1956 three were baptized among them the parents of the Blum brothers
  • April 4, 1956, the McKinney’s move to Zurich to assist Heinrich Blum
  • May 1956 English service discontinued
  • September 2, 1956, the congregation meets in a new hall with seven present
  • September 17, 1956, the first gospel meeting ws held with Hans Grimm of Kaiserslautern, Germany; average attendance for the meeting was 40 with a high of 59
  • October 29, 1956, an evening Bible study class was begun
  • 1957: Rene Chenaux-Repond, native Swiss, returns as minister; Kurt Blum returns from Abilene Christian College; Jerry and Shirley Earnhart arrive overseen by the Trinity Heights church in Dallas, Texas
  • March 3-7, 1958: gospel meeting with Ludwig Hopfel from Munich with six baptisms, attendance 65-83.
  • Between June and August 1959: Clyde and Gwen Antwine arrive in Zurich intending to do work in Basel, but remain in Zurich
  • December 1959: 50 members in Zurich church


  • January 1, 1963: members of Zurich, Bern, and Biel congregations meet
  • 1963: Jack McKinney and family leave Zurich for study in states; Jerry Earnhart takes Jack McKinney’s place while on study leave
  • 1966: Tommy Minton family arrive to work in Zurich to take the place of the Antwines who leave to work in Germany; support from Pipeline Road church in Hurst, Texas, is transferred from Antwines to Mintons


  • 1966: Jack McKinney family return to Zurich and continue to work there until 1974


  • Albert Voser  and Daniel Steinhauer familes leave Zurich church and move to Thun area







  • Current minister is David Tarjan



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