The Park Avenue congregation has always had an interest in evangelism beyond Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. In the early 1970’s the congregation sent Wes and Glenna Harrison to Hanover, Germany (1972-78). Next they sent Evertt and Ileene Huffard to Nazareth, Israel (1976-81).

In 1977 the Park Avenue congregation sent Dwight and Josephine Albright to Tokyo, Japan. Thus began their interest in and concentration on evangelism in Japan. The Albrights returned to Memphis in 1986, but continued to be liaison between Japan, the congregation, and those interested in Japan missions.

Robin and Cyndi Cannon were sent to Okinawa, Japan, in 1990 under oversight from the Park Avenue congregation. They continued their efforts there until 2001. Upon their return the congregation picked up oversight and support for Tracy and Anne Bezner who replaced the Cannons in Okinawa (2001-08).

While a student at Harding School of Theology, Masa Nonogaki and his wife Mari, worshiped and worked with the Park Avenue congregation. Upon his graduation and return to Japan, the congregation took on his support and oversight. Since returning in 1996 they have worked to establish a Japanese congregation in the Yokota suburb of Tokyo.

New Direction

In 2015 the Park Avenue church changed their focus from Japan and Switzerland. They are currently in a process of finding a new mission emphasis for the congregation within eight hours of Memphis. A new committee was formed, World Evangelism Ministry Committee, and has put together a missions policy for the congregation. At present we are looking for a mission point within eight hours of Memphis. Please see the missions policy for an application submitting a mission point. Submit it to worldevangelismministry@parkave.org.

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